Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change is a coming

Hud is 21 lb and 28 inches long, but healthy!

Jack is 33.5lb and almost 40 inches tall
Anna Kate hit a growth spurt finally....and is 24lb and 34 inches tall

Change is coming soon. I am so ready for it and a little intimidated by it. Silas will be here in less than a month, but I am hoping it is less than 2 weeks :). Hudson won't be the baby anymore and it's kid of sad. He only got to be the little guy for a short period of time. Jack is really excited about having another brother to wrestle. Anna Kate is presh and has become such a lil momma with her brothers. I know ( for the most part) she will take sweet care of Silas. Change, change will do you good!