Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guess what?????!!!

You guessed it, we got PREGGO!, but keep reading
So, I've been trying to think how I would write this post. I'm not the most politically correct person. I probably won't ever be, but I still do not want to offend anyone purposefully today. Here we go.... Ronnie and I have 4 wonderful kids, with which we are very thankful. We have been preventing pregnancy since Silas was born. We haven't taken extreme methods as in surgery, but we are very cautious in the preventing method. If you want further detail, ask later. To my sheer shock I found out Thursday, the 15th of November the most crazy news. Blood tests confirmed, sure enough I was 5 wks pregnant. The irony here is I had just finished my period. Therefore, we did follow up blood work on Monday. I knew deep down this pregnancy wasn't going well. We still told our parents and a few close friends so they could be praying for us. Monday came, I was having pain on my right side and still bleeding. Due to an error by a staff member, my doctor didn't receive my blood work results until Tuesday morning. I was beyond aggravated, I knew from being a nurse (specifically OB triage), I should have been in the doctors' office Monday with an ultrasound. I guess God really wanted to test me here? Tuesday came, blood results showed an atypical HCG rise, so an ultrasound was scheduled to deduce if I had an ectopic pregnancy. Sure enough the ultrasound showed a mass at the base of my ovary connected to the fallopian tube (which is the ectopic) along with an even larger cyst.