Saturday, September 22, 2012

Do you think they look alike

People tell me all the time how much my kids look like Ronnie. There is one in particular who not only looks like him, but acts like him. Jack and Ronnie are both such fun-loving, people crazy, friendly guys. They both like to talk, neither can stand for anyone to be mad at them. At young ages you could/can see the Lord pricking at their hearts. They are both thoughtful and love to make people feel included. These 2 are some of my favorite guys!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have you heard, it's not me, but you.

I have got several friends who are pregnant right now, trying to get pregnant right now, or in the process of adopting. In no way am I pregnant, hence the title of this post. The waiting period is full of  emotions, ya know? Good, bad, ugly, fun, scary, doubtful, joyful, painful,  & etc. To encourage my fellow women out there. I looked through our photos and found pictures of me preggo with each of my kids. Photos are great because they instantly capture a memory. So without further ado: