Friday, July 22, 2011

Silas' birth

So the whole pregnancy with Silas was a roller coaster ride. Goods and bads. I suppose that's why the delivery went the same. I had been having blood pressure issues the entire pregnancy and I was more than ready for Silas to be born. I was HUGE. My sweet friend, Jennifer, made me some lemon cupcakes from scratch. Supposedly they can send people into labor. Well, turns out I went from a 2cm-4cm- I'm convinced that the cupcakes played a crucial role. So given the changes and my elevated blood pressure I was induced the day I was 37 weeks. My doctor said my blood pressure needed to come down or I wold have to a have Magnesium, which makes you feel yucky. I decided to get the epidural since that had brought it down in the past. At 5 pm everything was smooth parents had made it in town and now had the kids, I was feeling good, and the Pitocin was flowing. Unfortunately, Silas didn't like the Pitocin at first so we had to go VERY slow to get me into a regular labor pattern. I think around 10- 10:30 my friend Jill came up to help keep us company.  Happy was I....until out of no where I started feeling very strong contractions. Since I thought this was just a "minor mishap" I didn't say too much. So my friend Sara and Jennifer came up too. About that time I was in major pain and we quickly realized my epidural fell out.. say what?? The anesthesiologist came in and checked and sure enough not good for Marci. He then said he had to go do an emergency case before he could fix it. So the nurse brought me some "happy medicine" to take the edge off. Really it just made me talk like a fool. What happens in room 1308 stays in room 1308 :). By the time the anesthesiologist came back I felt the need to push. So he did his thing... did I mention he failed to get in back in the 2nd time, so on the 3rd attempt we were ready to roll. The girls helped me get my makeup fixed, fanned me, and made me laugh, while Ronnie announced the winner of the game. Oh yeah- to pass the time we took guesses on who would get Silas' birth time right because it was taking forever. Ronnie's dad won! So long and behold at 2:08 am Silas Elliot Parrott made his debut at 7 pounds 4 ounces and 19.25 inches long! Overall it was a memorable experience and a reminder that God is in control.