Monday, April 14, 2014

Follow up on Hudson

Hudson had his MRI this past Friday. I was so thankful to be able to go with him this time, since last time I was pregnant with Smith and couldn't go. Hudson's spine MRI came back normal and we couldn't be more thrilled! Again, thanks to the stellar radiologist, we found out right then and there. Major props to him for being so kind and  helping us be able to have a peaceful weekend. Now, we are just waiting for the neurosurgeon to review his brain MRI and spine MRI and decide if in fact she even needs to see Hudson.  She is going to give a yay or nay on something called Chiari Malformation.  You are more than welcome to google it . I really have a peace about this either way today. So for now, we are continuing Hudson's growth hormones. He wants to be basketball player when he grows up, and I am going to be his biggest  cheerleader!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What do we do when God doesn't meet our expectations?

My heart has been wrestling with expectations of God lately. It seems that's a theme amongst others I've been in contact with as well. According to my expectation of what I thought God should do, I should have my own syndicated court room drama on the CW. Can't you hear it, "Judge Marci"? And yet, here I am. I'm in Arkansas, a pastor's wife, with 5 kids, ha. Seriously, though, what do we do when we feel like God has dropped the ball? I have some specific instances that I prayed for, was sick over, and still did not get the outcome that I expected.

One of those was my sweet neighbor's daughter, Abigail. She was born premature, fighting for her life. I remember waking up at all hours of the night begging God to intervene and give her life here on this Earth. And, yet, she has been in heaven for 2 years. I've prayed for God to not send a diagnosis of down syndrome to a friend's daughter, I've prayed for healing for a little girl's traumatic birth injury, for cancer to be gone, for certain jobs. I expected my 5th child to be a girl, but I'm loving on the chunkiest and cuddliest baby boy. I fully expected God to hear my prayers and give me exactly what I asked for. Sometimes, it just doesn't go according to my plan.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Guy, Big Gift

If you haven't noticed, our 3rd son, Hudson, is on the short side. We have done numerous genetic testing, blood work, and X-rays to see why he has fallen off the growth chart. Finally, in January 2014, we did a MRI of his brain. The results came back that he has something called an ectopic pituitary, which to our understanding means that his pituitary gland never formed completely in my womb. There is no known cause, just something that happens. The treatment for this is growth hormones. We honestly were relieved to finally have answers to why our little buddy had been growing so slowly since he was about 15 months old.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tulsa Thursday

It was the kids' spring break week so we wanted to do something fun. We did not make an overnight trip this week because we are going on a few trips between May and August. So we headed about 2 hours west to Tulsa. None of us had ever been before, so it was fun to see a new state. We went and ate at Ted's Cafe Escondido and it did not disappoint. They also serve complimentary cheese dip and sopapillas and both were scrumptious.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

All in the name of love

I'm not really a romantic. I consider myself of a more practical person. Every now and then, it's nice though. I love it when Ronnie leaves me random notes or cards. When he surprises me with a manicure or cute pair of shoes. It's just sweet and fun. It's definitely harder to be romantic towards a guy. What do you buy? Golf balls, ping pong paddle, cologne, coffee? I seem to recycle the same gift ideas over and over. Ronnie has been talking about this coffee cup that he has really wanted from Onyx for a few weeks now. I thought that maybe this would be a fun surprise.... until I found out it was $22.  For some that's not a big deal, for frugal Marci, I basically just laughed. I'm the one who has a tough time paying $8.99 for the one from Target.  Anyway, Ronnie has been super sweet to me and I really wanted to do something nice. So I gritted my teeth and happily obliged and bought him this to-go cup. I left it on his desk for him to get as a surprise when he returned to the office. I will admit it is fun to bless others and I always like to see the joy a little unselfishness can bring when I get off my agenda. So without further ado, here is the cup:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Let's try this again

I am absolutely the worst blogger. I've tried, seriously. For whatever reason, blogging and I just have not clicked. However, I'm getting a smidge older and I cannot remember all the details of this life that I would like. Therefore, I am going to attempt to chronicle them here.

Smith was born just over 5 weeks ago. I cannot believe it. He has gained about 4lbs in these 5 weeks, and he is just over 10lbs. He was our smallest baby, but has quickly caught up to where his siblings were at this time too. People ask me all the time what age gap I prefer or I think is easiest. I really don't know. This has been our longest stretch between babies and it has been super sweet so far. It's been interesting to see the kids interact with a new sibling and show their different personalities. Some have already asked for another baby. I attribute this to Ronnie brainwashing them. : )

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I have blogged anything. In a nutshell in the past 6 months, these things have happened:

  • We traveled to Israel to 10 days
  • Found out we were pregnant with twins, unfortunately we miscarried them
  • Ronnie graduated Southern Seminary
  • Jack finished Kindergarten
  • I got a kidney stone and had to have surgery
  • Ronnie traveled to Canada to visit Crosschurch church planters
  • We visited family in Louisville and Knoxville, went to the zoo and aquarium
  • A much needed getaway to the SBC in Houston, very encouraging
  • took Jack and Anna Kate to Dollywood
  • Jack had his tonsils and adenoids removed
  • Jack turned 6 Anna Kate turned 4, Hudson turned 3, and Silas will be 2 on the 25th of June.
  • and a few other random things, but those are the highlights