Friday, January 20, 2012

Why So Quiet?

So the other day I was on/off the phone a lot due to having to sort through some details related to church stuff. Needless to say the kids were being really quiet, too quiet. I came around the hall to find Hudson with his pants wet from the ankles down. I thought maybe Anna Kate got him into something. Then I stepped on the carpet and it squished. Not good. I walked into the hall bath to find the toilet paper roll gone, the toilet being flushed, water overflowing and my bathroom flooded. Anna Kate and Hudson tag teamed clogging the toilet with an entirely new roll of toilet paper. All Jack could say was " They kept flushing it mom". Thanks son- maybe could have told me that 3 minutes ago. I actually plunged the toilet. Fun times. Kids are a blessing. :)


  1. Such a funny story! I feel partially responsible for this! Ha!

  2. I love Huds face in that pic!! He's such a doll! And a stinker! I wonder if it was Ak's idea or Hudson's? haha