Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have you heard, it's not me, but you.

I have got several friends who are pregnant right now, trying to get pregnant right now, or in the process of adopting. In no way am I pregnant, hence the title of this post. The waiting period is full of  emotions, ya know? Good, bad, ugly, fun, scary, doubtful, joyful, painful,  & etc. To encourage my fellow women out there. I looked through our photos and found pictures of me preggo with each of my kids. Photos are great because they instantly capture a memory. So without further ado: 

I'm about 35 weeks pregnant with Jack. I made it to week 38 and my water broke!

This is the day I was induced with Anna Kate, only one I carried to 40 weeks.

This is me with Hudson.  I think I'm about 32 weeks.Praise the Lord for Dr. Price!
She let me stay at the hospital at 38 weeks and helped get him out fast.
Sweet Silas, I got pretty big with him!I think I was 26 weeks here. We made it to the day I was 37 weeks.

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