Friday, June 6, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Anna Kate is our little Mama...
     She loves helping others. It's in her nature that God designed. She genuinely loves to help and then loves to get the praise of a job well done. At this point, I'm thinking words of affirmation is her love language.  She loves to leave notes on Ronnie and I's mirrors. She is so thoughtful. This is obviously God's grace, because at age 3 I thought we were going to throw down :). I remember calling a mentor of mine and asking for advice and thinking Lord help me. She said just wait... around age 4 things will change. Sure enough, things did change.  Of course, she has her moments, we all do. She's got a little sass and its kind of cute...for now.
    However, I am loving this season with her because she is so fun. It's fantastic having a girly girl in the midst of all these crazy boys! She loves ballet, music, and all "cute" animals. I can already see the hand of God taking root in her and I'm so thankful.  We pray Anna Kate has a tender heart for Jesus and others.

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