Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hudson Timothy the stud

Hudson turns 2 tomorrow and I cannot believe how fast those years went! He is such a fun little guy. He is our compact ball of energy and that is just the way we like him. Hudson has had the most health challenges out of our children. Hudson was delivered super fast because his heart did not tolerate labor very well, he's been in the step 2 nursery, possible spina bifida, possible hole in heart, decreased thyroid levels, possible celiac disease, a too close for comfort experience with water, and too many head injuries to count. :) However, God has been faithful to bring him through so far. We think God has got incredible things in store for him. Hudson Timothy is named after the missionaries Hudson Taylor and Timothy in the Bible. We named him with a purpose,  for Hudson is a miracle in my book and we really pray that he takes Jesus all over the world. 

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