Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Box

So, I am trying to step outside of my comfy box. A friend of mine has gone through a recent tragedy and I decided to come along side of her. I began thinking and asking the Lord to help me. So here we are and I have picked up running ( insert gasp) as a way to meet with her as she is a runner. I honestly have never been so burdened for another family and so helpless at the same time. Thank the Lord, He has honored my prayer and the friend and I have gone running and I'm hoping we have many many more runs together. In the mean time a sweet friend of mine has been attempting to whip me into shape so I do not die. Its been a fun time connecting with her too. Considering I haven't exercised, let alone really run in over 3.5 years, this experience hasn't been a complete catastrophe. Im up to 2 miles and the goal is 3. All this to say, ask the Lord to show you ways to take you out of your box and minister to others. Chances are you will be ministered to as well.

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