Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things I like

As is typical, my posting skills are lagging. I decided to do one of a few of my favorite things. Without further ado:

Burlap: My neighbor made this for my door and I love it!
Gain: Apple Tango Mango!
Hobby lobby: What is there not to like about this place? 
Feltner Brother's: I always get a cheeseburger and I especially like it during the spring and fall when we can eat outside.
Bliss: I usually get the Red Velvet, but I pretty much LOVE all the cupcakes

Starbucks: I like the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Mocha Raspberry

What are some of your all likes?


  1. Have you bought the Gain scented candles? They are may new favorite thing. It makes your whole house smell like Gain!

  2. I LOVE the burlap "P" on your front door! Burlap is definitely on my "like" list, along with Hobby Lobby and cupcakes :)
    Other things I like: the color red and Tom's shoes.