Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kids' Books

I thought I would post 4 books that I really like for our kids. I know there are several other books out there, and some I even have on my shelf. However, I'll just tell you about these four and why I like them.

I really like this book for our kids. I think from about 18 months on, any child           

can interact with this book. It is colorfully captivating and Biblically based. All the stories point to Jesus!

This is for us mama's and daddy's, but it will immensely benefit out kids. It helps us see that all the parenting. discipling, correcting, and shaping is all to bring our children to a growing relationship with the Lord. Our goal is not to change the behavior, but the heart.

 I know, I know.... Baby Wise. It's 50/50 amongst mother's. However, I'm not legalistic about it here. I take from the book and make it work for our family and the season we are in. It helps new moms come up with a game plan for their newborn and infant. All I'll say is scheduling helps :)

 This is a cute book that teachers kids about prayer and different types of ways to pray. How God listens and why He cares. My kids seem to really like it. Honestly, it's also helped our 5 year old develop a more theological prayer life vs. praying for " a good day".

Hope these books prove to be helpful to you all!!

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