Tuesday, November 17, 2015

wait, weight?

                                                  It's that time of year when all I want

to do is drink apple cider and eat fudge. all. day. Ronnie and I wanted to prepare for Thanksgiving by going on the Whole30 diet. We tried it for about 12 hours and we both caved to Ben and Jerry. I suppose we have a sort of weakness to sweets.

 All that to say, don't get too caught up in your weight. Which is way easier for me to say than to actually live by.  Do I want to see my scale go down? Of course I do. Do I think it's important to exercise? For sure. But, I'm learning that a lower weight does not necessarily mean a healthier body or a smaller size.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I do realize I'm not a quintessential  heath expert on fitness or diet, so this can be taken with a grain of salt. However, if you feel yourself chained by comparison or defeat, let it go. I weigh 10lbs more than I did a few years or so ago, but I'm 2 pants sizes smaller. Could I improve? Sure, but that's not the point.  

The point is, we women can be so hard on ourselves if we don't fit this mystical mold of what we think we should look like or think we should feel like. Satan likes to play off of our weaknesses of comparison, anxiety, anger, stress, and just a plain ole’ rainy day. We must know our weaknesses and let Jesus be our strength. We must remember that we have been created in the image of God and made new in the likeness of Jesus Christ. We find our true identity there and we fight our fleshly urges with the power of his Holy Spirit.

So, my food advice?  Practice moderation in every aspect of life. Thank the Lord for good chocolate and friends to share it with. Enjoy the mundane of apple cider and grandma's fudge as the leaves change.

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