Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby Girl Parrott's Name

Ronnie and I have been going back and forth on names lately but we could not agree on anything. I had really been feeling a Hollis or a Henley if we had a girl. Ronnie just couldn't get behind it and began to pray that God would give us her name. He wouldn't even entertain boy names because he was so convinced this baby was a girl. 

He headed off to Louisville about a week before we found out this was in fact a girl. He had the opportunity to visit a bakery there. The bakery's owner had established it as a way for women to have a redemptive second chance; it's a really neat story (link at bottom). That bakery had a name that made Ronnie step back and think that maybe God was giving him a name for this girl. 

Ronnie began to pray over the weekend that God would confirm if this was to be the name we gave our little girl. On Sunday morning, as he was reading in Joshua, as crazy as it sounds, the same word he saw in Louisville was used twice in the specific chapter of Joshua he was reading. He immediately showed me after reading it. I laughed it off. I admit it was a little too weird for me. 

Ronnie said he prayed, without telling me on Sunday morning that God would show me that this was the name for our little girl. Late that afternoon my mom randomly texted me and said we should name our girl the same name that Ronnie had been mentioning. I totally freaked and about died. I told him and that's when he told me he had prayed that morning for God to reveal her name to me. 

We got our ultrasound done on Monday morning and sure enough there is a little girl growing inside. I teared up for sure at the grace of that moment. Later on I was googling (ya know that's basically fool proof) a middle name that I had tucked away for several months. They paired that middle name with what should be her siblings names. Would you believe the same name that God had revealed to Ronnie showed up along with Jack and Silas. It basically solidified her name in my mind. After showing this to Ronnie, he told me that he asked the Lord that morning to confirm the name just one more time and sure enough, the Lord did. 

So without further ado... 

                        Scarlet Wren 
                 coming late August 2016.
I couldn't even look at the ultrasound, I was so nervous.

Sweet profile and a great heartbeat of 173

long lean legs like Anna Kate

working on her hand to mouth coordination

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