Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Silas and Smith New(er) Room

  Silas and Smith have been sharing a room since Smith was born. It was time for Smith to transition to a big boy bed( insert tears). He's the oldest child to move to a twin bed, but to me he still seems so little. I was worried he wouldn't understand to stay in his bed. I most importantly did not want to lose his 2.5-3hr nap immediately either. Thank goodness he has been a champ and has done amazingly in his bed. He could have cared less the first day, but gets super excited to be able to get himself in his bed on his own. Growing up is so bitter-sweet.
  So, we had to buy a few mattresses, bedding, wall decor, etc. We had Ronnie's childhood twin bed headboards that we just painted red. I originally wanted to stain them gray, but the navy paint would not come out of the crevices for the life of me. So, paint it was. We got all their bedding from Target in the Pillowfort line and it's really cute. Silas picked where he wanted each picture and that's how we went with it.

All the wall decor is either from Hobby Lobby or I made it.

Ronnie had the great idea to add a chalkboard to the wall

Curtains are from Ikea. Can't beat their prices

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