Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pregnancy update week 35

She is growing!

Total weight gain: 24 lbs, 4 in one week!!( Which is why we had some problems yesterday.)
Maternity clothes: just the belly band or hair tie
Miss anything: skinny feet
Movement: She has been very active. 

Food cravings: nothing

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing but heartburn.
Have you started to show yet: Majorly
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks and Regular contractions periodically. 1cm

This week: I started having what I would consider labor type contractions for more than an hour at our staff advance last week. Which caused me to guzzle an insane amount of water in a short period of time. They stopped after about 4 hours. I also have a smudge of a skewed view because these contractions feel the same to me at 1cm or 4cm, so it is about perspective. I went to the doctor on Monday feeling like someone could put a needle in my hands and feet and water spew out. The scale was amazing and revealed that mama has put on weight rather quickly this week, instead of the half pound a week previously. The doctor said I'm retaining fluid which made sense because my blood pressure was 180/102. Which basically means I bought myself a ticket to L&D triage. My doctor that I normally see was out of town, so I saw the sweet doctor that happened to deliver Smith. He checked Scarlet, ordered a few tests rather quickly, and sent me on down. He told me that I really needed to get my blood pressure down or Scarlet was coming out today. Yikes! So of course I panicked and the opposite happened. Thankfully after about 20 min of laying down my blood pressure came down.  Just at the perfect time for me to start contracting every 3-4 min. Which then prompted the doctor in L&D to order an immediate Biophysical Profile( basically an ultrasound to check her breathing, heart rate, movement, and amniotic fluid). You know they are serious when they make you change into the gown and bring you papers to sign with your hospital bracelet. Scarlet got a 10/10 which meant she could stay put as long as the contractions stayed the same or slowed down. IV fluids seemed to take care of that and we went home and the contractions stopped around 8pm.
 The doctor said if she was born this week she would be in the hospital for about a week. If she could make it to 36.5 weeks then she could most likely go home with me as usual. The next 2 days were the most important to take it easy. So we are praying for one more week for Scarlet to stay put.

Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: My wedding band is on, engagement ring is either stuck on or off

Happy or moody most of the time: a little anxious, but trying to savor these last weeks

Looking forward to: I want time to stand still next week. Scarlet will be good and the kids still home...

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