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Scarlet's Birth Story

Scarlet Wren's Birth

So... I had been having blood pressure issues the 8 weeks leading up to Scarlet's birth. I tried resting, modified bedrest, bi-weekly visits, and a few other tests to get to the point where her health was the best as possible and my health was at the greatest risk. After completing my appointment on the August 8th, the doctor requested to schedule the induction on the 10th. Unfortunately we got a call around 2:00 that same day saying we wouldn't be able to go in on the 10th after all. I was frustrated.
     I ended up going for a walk that night and had the most painful contractions in my back I have ever experienced in any pregnancy. I laid down, drank some water, and then I felt Scarlet do some outrageous flips. I was sure she had turned from head-down to head-up to head-down. On Tuesday we talked with some doctors and nurses and felt that we needed this baby out soon. So Wednesday morning I went to the ER and met my doctor and sure enough my water was leaking and my blood pressure was the highest it had been so we were admitted to have a baby. I got settled in my room to check on Scarlet and when the doctor checked me, he couldn't find her.  He had to be aggressive and I actually smacked him out of reflex. Can you imagine the panic at that moment?? We hurried and got an ultrasound. Turns out the little booger who was engaged 36hrs ago had decided to move out and up. Thankfully she was still head down, but we needed her to drop. That's when they started the pitocin and we waited. I was a 3cm and 70%. 1 hour later 3cm and 70%. 1 hour later 3cm and 70%. You know they always say that your labors get faster with each baby, but mine have gotten slower. Smith took 17 hours. So we just thought this was typical and we would be here all day (and night). 
     My doctor came back in about 2hours later and said let's just go ahead and fully break your water and see if that helps. I started having contractions every 2-3 min about 45 minutes later. Yay! Then Scarlet's heart rate dropped and we were sure she just dropped and was ready to come out. So I got checked again...3cm 70%. I about died. The doctor mentioned the possibility of a c-section, but wanted to hold off as long as possible. So we flip flopped, brought in the oxygen, cranked up the IV fluids, and turned off the pitocin. Her heart rate was irritable a few more contractions and then stabilized.  My sweet doctor wasn't sure if I was dehydrated, my placenta was shot because of the month of high blood pressure, or if she had a nuchal cord.The nurses decided we had better go ahead and get the epidural just in case we had to head to the OR in an emergency, so that's when I got my epidural. Side note, I have never had a nicer anesthesiologist; I wish I could hug her today. Eventually we decided to start the pitocin again and she seemed to tolerate in well. My friend, Jennifer, Ronnie, and I were in the room when the nurses literally ran into the door and came barging in because her heart rate dropped again and didn't come back up like they wanted. We waited about 20-30 more minutes and then Dr. Gorman said he was sorry, but we have to do a c-section. She just wasn't tolerating labor. So for her safety, that's what we did. I cried. 
     This whole pregnancy has been a rollercoaster so we finished with a bang for sure. Charlie Foster came up and stayed until the c-section was over because he is just so kind. Ronnie texted and called a few family and friends, I hugged Jennifer( which we aren't huggers, but it was an emotionally charged moment).I hugged and kissed Ronnie, we prayed with the nurses and Dr. Gorman, and I got wheeled back.  It took awhile for my epidural to take on the left side. As in the anesthesiologist tried 2 more times to get it to work before she would have to put me to sleep. I got choked up and in a state of crazy tried to reason that I was relatively tough and just go ahead and cut because I did't want to miss them pulling this baby out.  We had been praying for weeks for good birth weight, breathing unassisted, good sucking reflex, stable body temperature, and stable blood sugar. It was the moment we'd prayed for and I did't want to miss it. Because the anesthesiologist rocked, she by intuition, moved the catheter in my back while I was on the table and got it in the right spot at the right time. Again, I could hug her. She talked me through everything. Dr. Gorman assured me that we would find out the culprit to Scarlet's distress before he made the first cut. Ronnie came in with his scrubs on and held my hand. A few minutes later I heard Dr. Gorman say, "Dad look at this". He unwrapped the cord around her neck three times and then that beautiful cry was heard at 8:15pm. They took her and checked her out. Her apgars were perfect. No issues at all! We praised God.
      Right about then my blood pressure bottomed out and I about lost it on the table. They had to give me multiple rounds of meds and fluids to bring it back up rather quickly. About 8-10 minutes later they placed that crying baby girl on my chest and she calmed down. She was soon tiny, 5lbs 8oz and 18.5 inches. Dr. Gorman later told me that umbilical cords can vary in width. The wider they are the better because they provide elasticity and sometimes you can deliver naturally. Unfortunately for Scarlet, hers was extremely thin. Hudson had a nuchal cord as well, but his was thick and only wrapped once. Poor thing was being choked with every contraction.Which in hindsight now, I think the flips I had felt on Monday were actually her getting the cord wrapped. Also, a week earlier, I had learned of a stillbirth at 38 wks from a family member for this very same thing. I busted out crying multiple times in gratitude of the provision and favor that had been bestowed on her life. I don't understand why certain things happen and certain things do not. I know they all have a purpose and a plan. Today though, I am just thankful! 
     As Dr. Gorman was stapling me closed I let out a big "OW". He panicked, I told him I was just kidding. We needed a laugh after that drama. We went to recovery with her still on my chest. We facetimed the kids and our parents. It was a sweet night and thankful to end our birthing family with #6. I'll be honest I was so nervous that it wouldn't be a sweet and intimate experience wit the c-section. For me, it far exceeded my expectation. I think so much has changed with how they are done with the baby. I didn't miss out on anything that I didn't have with my other kids. However, I hands down think that people who have multiple c-sections are the real champs. The recovery with a natural delivery is literally nothing compared to a c-section. I've been induced, went into labor, had epidurals, had epidurals fail at a 10, and torn. None of that comes close to what I experienced this first week. Hence, why I never plan on doing this again. So I applaud all the mamas today who have had c-sections, my eyes and compassion have been opened.

Made it to 36 weeks 4 days.

getting ready to head to the OR

seriously sweet.

little 5lb8oz 18.5inches at birth

in recovery
hello you parrott child, you

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