Sunday, March 23, 2014

All in the name of love

I'm not really a romantic. I consider myself of a more practical person. Every now and then, it's nice though. I love it when Ronnie leaves me random notes or cards. When he surprises me with a manicure or cute pair of shoes. It's just sweet and fun. It's definitely harder to be romantic towards a guy. What do you buy? Golf balls, ping pong paddle, cologne, coffee? I seem to recycle the same gift ideas over and over. Ronnie has been talking about this coffee cup that he has really wanted from Onyx for a few weeks now. I thought that maybe this would be a fun surprise.... until I found out it was $22.  For some that's not a big deal, for frugal Marci, I basically just laughed. I'm the one who has a tough time paying $8.99 for the one from Target.  Anyway, Ronnie has been super sweet to me and I really wanted to do something nice. So I gritted my teeth and happily obliged and bought him this to-go cup. I left it on his desk for him to get as a surprise when he returned to the office. I will admit it is fun to bless others and I always like to see the joy a little unselfishness can bring when I get off my agenda. So without further ado, here is the cup:

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