Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Guy, Big Gift

If you haven't noticed, our 3rd son, Hudson, is on the short side. We have done numerous genetic testing, blood work, and X-rays to see why he has fallen off the growth chart. Finally, in January 2014, we did a MRI of his brain. The results came back that he has something called an ectopic pituitary, which to our understanding means that his pituitary gland never formed completely in my womb. There is no known cause, just something that happens. The treatment for this is growth hormones. We honestly were relieved to finally have answers to why our little buddy had been growing so slowly since he was about 15 months old.
He also has a low-lying cerebellum. According to the doctors it is 1mm too low. This isn't a huge issue for now, but it is something that we will need to have tucked in the back of our minds for the future. God has been sweet to allow our pediatricians to attend our church as well as the radiologist who read his scan. Like, for real, it is very comforting to this mama's heart to have physicians who are friends.

So here we are at the next step. Hudson is scheduled for a spinal MRI on March 31 to rule out any abnormalities on his spine that could possibly be pulling on his cerebellum. He will then follow up with the neurosurgeon the following week. Eek! So, could you all be praying for our sweet buddy to have a clear scan??? We will be!

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